France 2020

‘Russian Seasons’ in France

In 2020 the ‘Russian Seasons’ take place simultaneously in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. In France 420 events are planned in 86 towns in collaboration with 90 Russian cultural institutions.
In 2020 the ‘Russian Seasons’ take place in three countries at once: France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
The official opening ceremony of the international cultural project ‘Russian Seasons’ took place in France on 16th January 2020 at the famous ‘Odeon’ theatre in Paris. The Odeon theatre – one of three theatres holding the prestigious title of the Theatre of Europe together with Piccolo theatre in Milan and the Maly Drama theatre. The evening included the premiere of ‘Uncle Vanya’, a play sharing the same name as the work of the great Russian writer A.P.Chekhov. The production staged by one of the leading French directors and artistic manager of the ‘Odeon’ theatre Stephane Braunschweiger was performed by the leading drama theatre of Russia – The State Theatre of Nations - under the directorship of National artist of the Russian Federation E.V.Mironov.


Among the participants of the 2020 project – Mariinsky theatre, The State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO, Kaliningrad regional historical artistic museum, Ryazan dramatic theatre, the Patriarchal Choir of the Church of Christ the Saviour, Chelyabinsk State Philharmonic, the State Museum ‘Rostov Kremlin’, Nikitsky Gate Theatre, Igor Moiseyev Folk Dance Ensemble and many others.
More than 400 events were planned as part of the ‘Russian Seasons’ in 2020. Before the introduction of restrictive measures by the governments of Russia, France, Belgium and Luxembourg 117 events took place including: theatre tour of the Leonid Yacobson Ballet, an exhibition ‘The Magic of watercolours’ by Sergey Andriaka, a concert by Russian pianist Rem Urasin, a performance by Vadim Repin, a tour of the Russian Institute of Theatrical Art (GITIS) and more.
As a result of the epidemic and the cancellation of a large number of events ‘Russian Seasons’ has launched an online service ‘Stay home with Russian Seasons. The project aims to provide access to the cultural content of Russia and continue the festival, despite the restrictive measures. Unde a special ‘Stay home’ tab, one will be able to find symphony music concerts, and ballet and theatrical productions by leading cultural associations. The online service began on 23rd March 2020 and takes place every week in the Stay home section.

Throughout 2020 ‘Russian Seasons’ events will take place in the largest and best known concert and exhibition centres of France: the ‘Odeon’ theatre in Paris, Chatelet theatre in Paris (S.Diaghilev’s Saisons Russes first opened here on May 19th), The Reims Opera House, Theatre Celestin in Lyons, Higher National school of fine arts, the George Pompidou Centre in Paris, Louis Vuitton foundation in Paris, the Museum of Gustave Flaubert’s history of medicine, the Louvre Museum, Versailles museum.
Even during the pandemic the cultural ties between Russia and France haven’t weakened; on the contrary they have strengthened. In order to give the French public a genuine festival of Russian culture and continue the tradition of cultural exchange between two wonderful countries, ‘Russian Seasons’ plans to continue the project in France in Autumn 2020, despite the unusual circumstances, and put on a full programme.