On October 12-13, 2019, tour of the Moscow theatre «Et Cetera» directed by Alexander Kalyagin will take place in the German capital. The Berlin public will be able to see the undying Gogol's comedy, "The Government Inspector. A Version" staged by Robert Sturua, People's Artist of the USSR. The performances are a part of the program of the international cultural project "Russian Seasons" in Germany.

"The Government Inspector" was staged in 2017, to celebrate the 75th birthday of Alexander Kalyagin, People's Artist of Russia. Robert Sturua who collaborates with Kalyagin not for the first time has rather unexpectedly suggested him portray not the Mayor character which is more fitting for him by age but a 23-year-old Khlestakov. Whereas the young actors of the company are acting in the Sturua's rendition the roles of venal town officials led by their Mayor.

Such a successful director's find was duly appreciated by critics, experts, and the audience alike. The critically acclaimed production received several theatrical awards, was shown with great success in Tbilisi to Georgian audience, and for the past two years enjoys unfailing love of the Moscow theatregoers.

Alexander Kalyagin became a winner of the Moskovskij Komsomolets Theatrical Award (season 2016/2017) in the category "Masters: the Best Male Part", and also won "The Star of the Theatre" Award in the "Best Actor" nomination. In 2018, Robert Sturua received the "Biennale of Theatre Arts" Award for "The Lesson in Combining the Courage of Both the Find and Its Materialization"; and the production itself has already become a winner of the "The 2018 Season Hit" Award given by the Union of Theatre Professionals of the Russian Federation.

Although "The Government Inspector" was written almost two centuries ago and witnessed several changing epochs, its plot remains as relevant as ever. In modern Russia, the class of the government bureaucrats has grown pretty young, with officials of all ranks and stripes becoming more arrogant and insolent, and only experienced and worldly wise Khlestakov can expose them.

According to theatre critics, despite the new rendition of the classical play, when the musical tissue of the production is being interspersed with sounds of jazz and church canons, "Gogol is still there" in the Sturua's "Government Inspector", and the audience still laughs and applauds the cues written almost two hundred years ago.

In September 2018, the production swept the Italian public in Rome as part of the project "Russian Seasons" in Italy.

The production's running time is 90 minutes without intermission. The stage performance is played in Russian, being supplied with subtitles in German.


Venue: Theatre at Potsdamer Platz, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, DE-10785 Berlin. 



October 12, 20:00 – "The Government Inspector. A Version", stage play.

October 13, 18:00 – "The Government Inspector. A Version", stage play.